Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Discovery on the Horizon for Family Law

How many times have you wished you could find out how much your ex makes, or what sources of income your ex has, or your ex's address and phone number?

Setting and enforcing child support should be so simple. The state law spells out with an exact formula what child support is after simply entering your income and your ex-spouse's income.

However, this can also be a great source of contention, confusion and possibly long, drawn out litigation. The simple form that asks in box number 2 for you to enter your spouse's gross monthly income may not be an answer you have readily available.

If your ex does not have an attorney and/or does not want to cooperate in providing the number for this box, you may be looking at an expensive fishing expedition.

However, the family law section of the Utah State Bar and some very respected key members have been working relentlessly on doing away with this financial fiasco. A light is at the end of the tunnel revising the Utah State Code to provide that every party, whether represented or not, provide up front extensive financial information with some real serious contempt provisions. When passed, this appears to provide the necessary information to ascertaining both parent's income right up front, without extensive and expensive formal discovery and legal action.